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say hello to orbit's robust and transparent product life cycle estimation engine. allowing you to assess and shape your innovation's environmental impact.

orbit - create future
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orbit is a holistic co-pilot, that helps to minimize the environmental impact of products at the time of their development. start with textual descriptions of your concept and let orbit predict potential life cycles. adjust the modelling using prompts and learn about your innovation's potential environmental impacts and about effective strategies to minimize them.

we make sustainable
innovation accessible

measure how a future product affects the environment from material extraction to its end of life. develop strategies to create innovative sustainable solutions that are truely future proof.


decision making

sustainability is becoming a key requirement. to ensure an informed decision-making process, sustainable innovators need to assess their options.


concept quantification

based on concept descriptions, orbit quantifies environmental impacts such as carbon footprints and the consumption of water, energy and resources. it highlights which components, materials and processes drive the impact and explores alternative approaches.


ai modelling

in order to estimate environmental impacts, orbit uses ai to model potential product life cycles. you can fine-tune this process by using prompts.


plug & play

orbit’s default knowledge base enables you to start immediately. to fine-tune the estimation, you can drop or connect your data - orbit ingests anything and integrates your specific knowledge without disclosing it to others.

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